Telephone and Broadband Services

Abu Dhabi Airport Business City is committed to providing the highest standard of communications and IT support. We work constructively with any necessary organizations or third parties to help provide a continued high standard of communications and data support during your stay.

Did you Know

We will provide an out of hours (24 hours) emergency contact number
  • Full time, in-house IT support
  • Telephone devices and connections
  • Wireless Internet connection
  • High speed internet access
  • Data network connection
  • IP Telephony

Get in Touch

Please contact our sales team to assist you with prices and requirements at the below contact details or visit us at the Customer Service Center:

Tel: +971 2 505 3403 / 3425
Toll-free:  800 1111
P.O. Box 7040

Latest Technologies

We make sure your business is quickly connected